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Phantasia's Creation

Amazing Model's bringing to life mythical creatures... or are they... You know MYTHICAL?

Welcome to our blog! In 2018 I was hit with the revelation of creating my own magazine. I spent hours thinking of a name! I wanted something that would encompass my desire for photography, my love for fantasy and a way to produce content for like minded individuals. The name is Phantasia Magazine.

'PHANTASIA. The Greek word phantasia is usually translated "imagination." However, in Greek thought the word always retains a connection with the verb phainomai, "I appear." It can be used to refer both to the psychological capacity to receive, interpret, and even produce appearances and to those appearances themselves.' Reference

That was IT! Perfect. A week later I bought the URL Phantasia Magazine.

Mermaid's; Are they real?

January 2020, Issue: 1

Around the word there are myths of this beautiful creature. Myth... I think not! Trailing through on a couple shoots, I captured not one, but two mermaid's on my SD card for the first time in the Great Lakes area! Are they Mermaid's, sirens or both? Is it a matter of geographic location? Do they really serenade men with their song?

The first mermaid. According to Wikipedia there was a goddess named Atargatis, speculated to be the first mermaid. Idol's in Ascalon depict her with a fish like body. She was Also, known as a "mermaid-goddess."

Are the sailor stories are true? Well IDK. The Britt's have seen them to be a bad omen. When at sea she would take that handsome man down to show him where she lives not thinking that he can't breath under water. Asian cultures, they are depicted as a fish body with a human head causing all sorts of mayhem. In any case in America we like to call her the Little Mermaid. Personally, I would use some caution when you see one. I stayed at least 20 feet away when snapping these shot's. Check out our first Issue and judge for your self. Reality or Myth...

Submissions Guidelines

There is still room for photographer's to submit there best work? "Mermaid and Sirens"

The submissions guidelines are this: Photographers MUST have a model release form, or a signed consent from the model stating that her/his pictures can be used in our publication. (A copy MUST be provided with age verification upon submission.) All models must be 18+ years of age. No exceptions. Submissions are to be shared via Dropbox link. in the fold shared, should be the model release form, 5 high res pictures or more with no water mark, at 300 resolution. Also, included should be the signed form giving Phantasia Magazine permission to use the pictures submitted in our magazine. Models that submit should either have a signed agreement from the photographer that you have rights to the pictures, or the photographer should submit the pictures for you. We are willing to work with special requests with in reason according to the law. Thank you for understanding and look forward to publishing amazing art!

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