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Tel_  216-857-9986

Submissions and Guidelines 

There is still room for photographer's to submit their best work? "Mermaid and Sirens." The submissions guidelines are this: 

Who Are We...
     Phantasia Magazine, LLC is a creative work of Triggfx, photographer Richard Trigg. This is the publication where fantasy and reality are sometimes blurred (fiction acting as reality). The narrative is adventure. We are currently a seasonal Magazine looking to be monthly in the future. There is a sister publication with the same name called a Zine. You will notice in the title of Phantasia magazine that (Zine) is emphasized. This is where the sole creations of Triggfx, photographer Richard Trigg will be published. You will be submitting for the Magazine not the (Zine). Let's have fun and create! Rise up creatives! RISE UP!


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